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General information

The Cyprus Grid Certification Authority (CyGridCA) is the top-level certification authority for Grids in Cyprus. It provides X.509 certificates for identification and authentication purposes related to Grid activities in Cyprus. The CyGridCA was established within the EU project CrossGrid, and was later extended to cover the latest EU project EGI-InSPIRE (Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe). Its duty is to certify, with its digital signature, the following:

CyGridCA is mutually recognized by the Certification Authorities of most European countries and the USA. It has been certified by the EUGridPMA, the European Policy Management Authority for Grid Authentication in e-Science.

Obtain a certificate

To obtain a certificate, the requester must be involved in CyGrid activities. To obtain a user or a machine certificate, please view the analytical instructions at the corresponding section

Certification Policy and Certification Practice Statement (CP/CPS)

The latest CyGridCA CP/CPS, version 1.0.9, is available online in pdf format.
Object Identifier (O.I.D.):

Copies of previous versions are listed below:

CyGridCA root certificate

The CyGridCA root certificate can be downloaded in PEM format (right-click and select "save as"). Please verify the one of the fingerprints matches (below) before installing the certificate in your browser or e-mail application.

CyGridCA Root Certificate fingerprints: MD5 Fingerprint = 2A:4B:2C:99:58:17:43:4D:FD:6A:BF:C7:BC:A5:C2:3B
SHA1 Fingerprint = 8E:29:7B:4C:19:C2:D2:1B:E1:85:6B:F9:DF:F8:66:62:B8:CF:AE:A8

The previous (expired) CyGridCA certificate is also available (84c1f123.0) MD5 Fingerprint=72:39:00:9A:27:11:61:E2:13:01:E9:F0:3D:D0:B1:18
SHA1 Fingerprint=46:A3:97:D9:47:00:F4:88:C4:22:2A:30:64:53:DD:7C:2F:A4:69:F6

Certificate Revocation List

The latest CRL issued with the current CyGridCA certificate can be downloaded in PEM format (right-click and select "save as")

Contact information

CyGrid Certification Authority
Cyprus Research and Academic Network (CYNET)
P.O.Box 20537
CY-1678 Nicosia

Phone: +357-
Fax : +357-

E-mail: cygrid-ca AT

The CyGrid Certification Authority is managed by the Cyprus Research and Academic Network (CYNET).

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