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Authorized User Policy

The services of CyNet are used to support the research and academic activity. These services are available to Academic and Research Organizations as well as branches of organizations engaged in open research. The services are made available to members who agree to the official AUP, and comply with any obligations that result from it.

For an organization or entity to be accepted as a CyNet member, it must belong to one of the following categories:

  1. Tertiary Education Organizations (public or private).

  2. Organizations or entities which have been awarded research grants from official funding bodies (government or other institutions).

  3. Any other entity which is acknowledged as carrying out research or academic activity.

Any other organizations must submit to the managing board of CyNet an application specifying the reasons for which they believe qualifies them for CyNet membership.

The reasons submitted must clearly identify the organization as one engaged in academic and researching activities.

The access and usage of the CyNet services will be revised periodically in order to ensure they are up to date and conform to international and local standards, policies and laws.

It is understood, that the members agree to comply with any directives issued by the network operations centre that may relate to operational and security issues. (Network Operations Centre-NOC –

The following constitute unacceptable usage of the service:

  • Usage for speculative or political actions and operations.

  • Extensive usage for personal or private work, or for purposes that are prohibited by the laws of Cyprus.

  • The insertion of viruses and destructive programs in the network, with the intention of destroying systems or sensitive information.

  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to computer equipment or information connected to CyNet or other networks that CyNet offers access to them.

  • Intervention in any way to the network backbone.

  • The transfer of the right of access to services to third party (other organizations, other campuses etc), without the authorization from CyNet.

Any violation of the AUP will lead to immediate cancellation of the service, and possible legal action as these are defined under the Cyprus law.

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