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Cloud Workshop for Universities and Academic Institutions - 29 March 2018, 9:00 - 15:00

The event is addressed to academic and research instituions. At this event you will have the opportunity to learn more about Azure offerings and the benefits of the GEANT Framework Agremement. Azure cloud computing is accelerating research globally by providing what you need, when you need it. An open, flexible, secure platform, supporting multiple programming languages, tools, and frameworks. Azure also brings true hyperscale, high performance computing (“Big Compute”) to everyone – making it easier to power simulations, complex calculations, get answers to solutions more easily. Microsoft, GÉANT (Europe’s leading collaboration on network and related infrastructure for research and education), and the European National Research and Education Network (NREN) community have built on their long-term partnership by revealing a new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) framework agreement. Thousands of universities, schools and research institutions can now benefit from Microsoft Azure cloud services with procurement, contracting and integration taken care of by GÉANT and the NREN community under a common GÉANT IaaS framework agreement. The deadline for registration is 26/3/2018. Microsoft Events (English)


Students from Cypriot universities participate in the TNC17 Networking Conference

With CYNET’s coordination and guidance, students from Cypriot universities will be participating in the TNC17 Networking Conference, in Linz, Austria for the first time. An open call was sent from GΙANT to NRENS for the nomination of students for the Students Lightning Talk Challenge. The call received 70 submissions for 32 positions, making this a very competitive challenge. Cyprus’ reaction to the call was the submission of the following four proposals:

Nektarios Fotiou, European University: “Convert (C)reation into Rea(C)tion-The answer to Hackers’ Action”
Christoforos Christoforou, European University: “School management information systems”
Ernesta Grigaityte, UcLan Cyprus: “Security risks and ethical implications of sensitive data on the Internet of Things”
Rafay Ansari, Frederick University: “Smart Windows-Smart Neighborhood”

With the support and collaboration of Ms Annabel Grant (GΙANT Senior Business Development Officer) and the guidance of CYNET, Ernesta Grigaityte and Rafay Ansari were chosen to participate in the Lightning Talk Challenge of the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference, with more than 650 field experts from all over Europe. Needless to say that their participation expenses are fully covered by GΙANT and most importantly, this is a unique opportunity for the students to be enlightened, inspired, trained and coached by experts, have a great experience of the GΙANT community, as well as boost their professional development. CYNET congratulates all four students for their effort, and wishes Ernesta and Rafay all the best in this exciting endeavour!


Networks for European American and African Research - New transatlantic 100Gbps link operational

Increased data sharing between Africa, US and Europe will speed up scientific discovery ​​​ Following the recently granted award to Indiana University (IU) in collaboration with GΙANT and the UbuntuNet Alliance to deliver the ‘’Networks for European, American and African Research’’ (NEAAR), a new 100Gbps transatlantic subsea ​cable supplied by AquaComms has been switched on to enable extensive data sharing between continents.


10th Service and Technology Forum, hosted by CYNET

The Service & Technology Forum (STF) is the name given to the regular meeting of all APMs, and is so called in order to give equal emphasis to the ‘service’ element of the APMs work as to the ‘technology’ element. Like its predecessor, the APM Meeting, the STF is held 3 times per year (winter, summer and autumn) and hosted by different NRENs on a voluntary basis. The STF is typically spread over two days, with the first half being the afternoon of Day 1 and the second half being the morning of Day 2. The two sessions are broadly split in to ‘Technology’ and ‘Services’ but if a topic has both a technology and service aspect then these elements will normally be presented/discussed as sequential items rather than split over the two days. The primary purpose of the STF is to provide the NREN APMs with the relevant GΙANT service and network information for dissemination within their respective NRENs so as to ensure each NREN is constantly updated with changes to those services that are of importance to a particular NREN. The STF has 4 inter-related objectives:
(1) To inform the membership about recent developments in the GΙANT network, operations and services, and take feedback as appropriate.
(2) To inform the membership about new technology, concepts and techniques which may be of significance to NRENs (either directly, or through its relevance to their customers or GΙANT).
(3) To establish and track the interests and priorities of the NRENs, with regards to technology and services they offer or wish to use themselves.
(4) To discuss potential and proposed GΙANT services and technologies with a view to forming robust and well-considered advice (based on technical expertise and operational experience) that can be given to GΙANT governance bodies (either directly or via individual NREN executives) to help them in their decision making process.
Venue Venue and Logistics


GEANT project receives ‘Excellent’ accolade from European Commission

Press Release from CYNET. Independent review awards highest rating to European project. The Cyprus Research and Academic Network - KEAD (CYNET -, belongs to the consortium of National Research and Education Networks that have created and manage GEANT connecting the Cyprus Research and Academic Community to the rest of the Europe. Press Release (Greek)


The Eumedgrid Support Project

EUMEDGRID-Support (2010-2012), kicked off on 1 January 2010, with its launch event held 25-28 January 2010 in Cairo, Egypt to build on the successful outcomes of EUMEDGRID (2006-2008), and spotlight Europe and the Mediterranean and Middle-east regions through an open dialogue aimed at increasing stakeholder and community awareness on the fundamental importance of e-Infrastructures with the ultimate goal of ensuring long-term sustainability. To maximise outcomes, EUMEDGrid-Support adopts a two-fold approach: bottom-up approach - serving to raise awareness among researchers, students and technical personnel who can greatly benefit from using e-Infrastructures in their work; and top-down bringing into sharp relief the need for a policy framework developed with funding bodies highlighting the value-add and need for e-Infrastructures to empower researchers and advance the frontiers of scientific research.


The Cyprus Workshop on Broadband in Rural and Remote Areas

The Cyprus workshop on Boradband Services in Rural and remote areas took place in Nicosia at the Holiday Inn, on 29-30 of October 2009. The workshop was co-funded by the European regional development fund. The president of CYNET, Dr. A. Pitsillides presented the importance of broadband services in lifelong learning in the rural areas. Presentation


4th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems

INVITED PANEL on "Cooperating in ICT and e-Infrastructures in the Mediterranean" with key-note speaker Dr. Kostas Glinos from European Commission (EC) in Brussels and distinguished panelists from various Mediterranean countries took place in Athens on 25-27 of September 2009. Cooperation in ICT and e-Infrastructures and the CYNET presentation



GN2:JRA1-perfSONAR - Project results presentation

CyNet presented on 27 August 2007 the preliminary results of the Joint Research Activity 1 of the European project "Multi-Gigabit European Academic Network (GN2)" and in particular those activities that relate to the «Performance Focused Service Oriented Network Monitoring Architecture». The presentation is available here in electronic form. Presentation (in Greek) [ppt]


Informative movie on Internet dangers

CyNet presents an informative movie on Internet dangers and particularly about viruses, worms and bots. The movie is available for downloading from the website (in Greek).



CyNet hosted in Nicosia the second TERENA Mini CAMP (Campus Architectural Middleware Planning) workshop on Monday 15 January 2007. TERENA Mini CAMPs raise awareness about state of the art middleware technologies already in use in the academic community in Europe, in particular eduroam. Being part of eduroam allows users visiting another institution that is connected to the service to log on to the wireless network of that institution using the same username and password that they would use if they were at their home institution. More information>>

The presentations that were given during the Mini CAMP are available here:


First Conference of the European Project EUMEDGrid

The first conference of the European Project "EUMEDGrid: empowering eScience across the Mediterranean" was organized in Rome on 15 September 2006. Press release [pdf]


"Public Key Infrastructure" - Project results presentation

CyNet presented on February 9, 2006, the results of the project "Public Key Infrastructure". The presentation is available here in electronic form. Presentation (in Greek) [ppt]




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