Our Environmental Sustainability Policy​

All organizations have an impact on the environment. National Research and Education Networks, including CyNet, have the advantage of being in an ideal position to utilize Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to improve the environmental sustainability of their own organization, as well as of the wider community. CyNet is called to continuously enrich and update the range of its services with newly developed and advanced services and equipment using high speeds of networking. However the provision of these advanced services (such as Software Defined Networking, unified internet services, VOIP, cloud etc) are defined as an important part of the CyNet’s business environment. So utilizing both its existing infrastructure as well as its ideal position in the research and academic community, the provision of these services can be strengthened even more through new network services and technologies, methods and scientific advancements, that will enhance the environmental sustainability. CyNet recognizes that the world’s energy resources are limited and that its equipment is having an impact on the environment and can be improved. Therefore, CyNet appreciates its responsibility for the harmful effects on the environment and is committed to become more energy efficient and reduce its GreenHouse Gas impact on the environment and set targets for continuous improvement. To this end, CyNet with the provision and support of the advanced network infrastructure and network services will act as below:

  • Implement an effective and preventive environmental protection plan through constant updating, dissemination and sharing of information among CyNet employees and members on environmental matters and apply a training program for them to raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Support the implementation of specific actions by CyNet employees and its members to enhance environmental awareness. (such as Perform GreenHouse gas Audits, analyze the results and identify the areas for improvement as well as Minimize the amount of waste by recycling everything possible and by re – using equipment when possible)
  • Reduce the consumption of energy and increase energy conservation and energy efficiency
  • Promote the use of appropriate ICT services as an environmentally positive alternative and participate in research activities to explore new innovations in Green ICT.

CyNet seeks to reduce the Organization’s impact on the environment. Thereby, it is committed to investigate better ways to towards adopting “Green thinking” as a part of the organization culture.


Download a presentation made to CYNET subscribers about the Greening of Services (Apr 2015).