Welcome to CYNET-CSIRT

CYNET-CSIRT provides incident response and cybersecurity services to both the CYNET and to all Universities, Research institutes and other organisations under its umbrella.


Are you under attack or have you been under attack? You may report an incident using the Online Reporting Form or call us at 22895254


CYNET-CSIRT envisions to provide incident response and security services to all Academic Institutions, Research Institutes and educational networks that are members of the Cyprus Research & Academic Network (CYNET), both current and future.

CYNET-CSIRT aims to educate its members about the effects of cyber threats and cyber-crime, and train them to provide early warnings, alerts, announcements and efficient use of the respective tools.


What we aim to do

CYNET-CSIRT overall objectives can be summarized in the following four pillars.

Provide Added value

Enhance the services provided by CSIRT-CY by formally creating an Academic CSIRT

New Tools

Develop tools for analysis, identification, and detection of threats

Raise Awareness

Run awareness campaigns ancillary to capabilities development

Knowledge Transfer

Participate in cooperation meetings and Europe-wide cyber security exercises

Project Statistics

CYNET-CSIRT establishment was made possible via EU funding. The project begun on September 2018 and it is foreseen to conclude on August 2020.

Total Budget
1 mo